Posted on November 16, 2018 by staff

Manchester United in tech-led injury boost


Former Premier League champions Manchester United have been given an injury boost after renewing a multi-year partnership with Canon Medical Systems Europe.

The continued collaboration will ensure the club’s players maintain access to state-of-the-art equipment to examine injuries and undertake pre-emptive screening for preventable injuries.

As part of the extension, the club will benefit from product and technology upgrades that will strengthen cardiac and general health screenings.

The agreement was first signed in 2013, with top-of-the-range medical imaging including CT, MRI, and ultrasound installed into a dedicated Medical Centre at the club’s Aon Training Complex.

The extended agreement will continue the diagnostic imaging partnership benefiting players and staff at Manchester United by improving player welfare and career longevity.

“During the past six years, our partnership has redefined the standard for medical imaging in elite sport,” said Manchester United’s head of sports medicine and science Dr Steve McNally.

“Daily access to state-of-the-art equipment and intelligent technologies has improved responsiveness to clinical presentations.

“Most importantly, we have developed a concept of ‘performance imaging’ over and above clinical diagnostics.

“By utilising innovative techniques borne out of shared ideas and experiences from Canon Medical’s wider network of experts, we can now profile and monitor our players in ways we have never done before.

“This not only enhances athlete health and safety but also provides invaluable information to guide the athletic development process.

“As part of the partnership, we have also shared data that will assist in improving health services for the general public.”

Mark Holmshaw, president and CEO at Canon Medical Systems Europe, said: “Medical technology powers confident diagnoses, speeds up treatment planning and ensures a faster return to the field of play.

“It is at the heart of modern healthcare, improving outcomes for everyone, whether that is in sports performance, or wider clinical practice.”