Posted on December 10, 2018 by staff

Manchester FinTech turns to Belarus for talent


FinTech firm AccessPay has partnered with software development company Godel to tap into its tech skills base in Belarus.

The Manchester firm said it needed to look further afield than its in-house team to satisfy rising demand for its cloud-based payments technology products.

Godel employs nearly 700 software and coding specialists at its development centre in Minsk.

“Our needs are two-fold – although we recruit our own in-house team, there are projects that require an injection of skills almost overnight to cope with demands and this is where Godel can help us,” said AccessPay product director James Higgins.

“Finding people with the full spectrum of skills across software development is also a challenge for us, so we can tap into the knowledge that Godel’s nearshored team provides.

“Godel allows us to concentrate on our business knowing that we can fulfil the projects that help us meet our customers’ demands – ultimately allowing them to make smarter, more insightful business decisions.”

Godel will work with AccessPay on a combined infrastructure project.

“It’s the best of both worlds – we have a skilled Godel development team which is nearshored who we will speak to via videoconference daily, but we can also speak directly with our account team at Godel’s HQ in Manchester if we need to,” explained Higgins.

Paul Green, chief commercial officer at Godel, added: “It’s always great to work with other Manchester-based businesses – of which there are a growing number of tech start-ups attracted to the area to find talent.

“However, the speed with which many tech start-ups grow means that ramping-up skills of software development talent to cope with projects on top of business-as-usual is difficult to find on tight time-scales, and this is where Godel can help deliver the breadth of skills as well as the sheer numbers.”