Posted on January 9, 2019 by staff

Majority of UK AI jobs now outside of London


New research reveals that the majority of UK-based AI and machine learning vacancies are based outside of the capital.

The study shows that of the 1,547 jobs, 803 were based elsewhere in the UK, with Cambridge, Bristol, and Manchester the best performing cities outside of the capital respectively.

The research also revealed that creates more AI jobs than any other European nation – the fourth highest in the world, ahead of Germany (1,120) and France (763).

The research, collected robotic process automation company UiPath, was revealed after the analysis of 30,000 job listings on from 15 industry-leading countries.

Globally, China and the US continue to lead the way in the AI industry as the two countries with the two highest numbers of AI and ML jobs, with 12,113 and 7,465 respectively.

Which AI jobs are in the highest demand in the UK?

These are the 10 most proportionally in-demand AI jobs in the UK.

  • Data Scientist, 9.06 per cent
  • Software Engineer 8.75 per cent
  • Consultant 6.01 per cent
  • AI Researcher 4.95 per cent
  • Sales Engineer 4.74 per cent
  • AI/Machine Learning/Data Analyst 4.43 per cent
  • Machine Learning Engineer, 4.32 per cent
  • Business Development, 2.85 per cent
  • Intern, 2.74 per cent
  • Product Manager, 2.74 per cent

When adjusted for size, the UK out-performs both China and the USA proportionally, employing 37.3 people per million citizens.

PwC is also hiring the highest share (2.21 per cent) of AI jobs in the UK, compared to any other employer.