Posted on July 17, 2017 by staff

Loyalty waning as tech salaries spiral out of control


Recruitment agencies should play their part in controlling spiralling contractor fees in the tech sector as the skills shortage bites.

That is the view of Philip Piper, director and head of IT, change, digital, risk & leadership at leading recruitment firm Search Consultancy.

“The biggest areas where we struggle to find staff for clients are cyber security and development,” he told BusinessCloud.

“I know developers who five or six years ago were on £25-30k just out of university and now it’s £60k. There’s no real sort of client loyalty or employer loyalty.

“We also have a duty to clients to control the rate they are paying to contractors.”

Piper was speaking at our breakfast event held in association with Search at KPMG’s new offices on St Peter’s Square in Manchester city centre.

Andy Golpys, co-founder and creative director of web design studio MadeByShape, has called for more female devs to tackle the shortage of technical skills as most businesses now incorporate tech in some way.

And a leading IT services provider says that advanced technology allowing SMEs to expand rapidly is the same thing ‘stunting growth and creating a global skills gap’.