Listed HealthTech firm Sensyne Health has revealed a new software application for people with diabetes.

DBm-Health is intended for users at risk of developing diabetes, as well as those with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, type 1 or type 2.

In the UK 3.9 million are currently living with a diagnosis of diabetes, of which 90% have type 2, costing the NHS approximately £9.8 billion a year. In the US more than 34.2 million people have diabetes, representing around 10% of its population.

It is expected that by 2025 diabetes in the UK is will affect 5.3 million people.

Oxford-based Sensyne Health said the new software is designed to connect people with diabetes with the clinician responsible for their care, and provide their clinician with information on the status of the patient and whether any intervention may be required.

The firm said it has worked collaboratively with three NHS Trusts to deploy DBm-Health in its initial UK launch, with a US commercial launch planned for later in the financial year.

The first clinical use of DBm-Health will be undertaken by three NHS Trusts over the coming months to evaluate the health-economic and operational benefits of DBm-Health. The Company intends to launch DBm-Health in the United States towards the end of the current financial year.

The software has been developed in response to success of GDm-Health for women with diabetes in pregnancy and increasing demand from clinicians for new digital technologies.

GDm-Health has now achieved a market share of 47% across the National Health Service in England and is currently undergoing clinical evaluation by Jefferson Health in the United States.

Lord (Paul) Drayson PhD, CEO of Sensyne Health, said: “We are acutely aware of the concerns of diabetic patients and the people that care for them, and of the additional burden that COVID-19 has brought to the management of this complex and potentially life-threatening condition.

“Rapid uptake of DBm-Health in the UK has the potential to make a significant difference to diabetes care in the NHS and provides a strong foundation to launch DBm-Health in the USA later this financial year.”

Earlier in the month the firm settled an employment tribunal claim with its former CFO.

Lorimer Headley left the listed HealthTech on March 2nd 2020 and subsequently brought a claim of unfair dismissal against the firm. 

Sensyne Health reaches settlement with former CFO