Posted on November 22, 2018 by staff

‘Londoners waste nearly half of working week on emails’


New research suggests that workers in the capital waste the equivalent of two whole days – 15 hours in total – on their emails during an average working week.

The findings were released by conference call provider Powwownow.

“Office workers in the capital seem to have fallen into the trap of using communication tools for the sake of it, not because they actually make them more productive,” said managing director Jason Downes.

Worst regions for email usage:

  • London – 15 hours
  • Northern Ireland – 13 hours
  • Wales – 13 hours
  • East Midlands – 12 hours 40 mins
  • Scotland – 12 hours 35 mins
  • South West – 12 hours

Respondents to the research reportedly said that they feel most productive at work when communicating verbally either over the phone or face to face, yet Londoners said they were more likely to use email because they “just prefer that method of communication”.

The results also seem to suggest that workers in Yorkshire were the most efficient in the country, spending only 9 hours per week on their emails.

Best regions for email usage:

  • Yorkshire – 9 hours 10 mins
  • West Midlands – 9 hours 15 mins
  • South East – 10 hours
  • North East – 10 hours
  • East Anglia – 10 hours 35 mins
  • North West – 10 hours 35 mins

The region that embraces the phone the most was found to be Northern Ireland. Irish respondents spent nearly a whole working per week on the phone to colleagues and clients.