Posted on February 13, 2019 by staff

London tech giants to create a million tech jobs


Hundreds of tech figures based in London have signed a pledge from Tech London Advocates to create a million technology jobs in the capital over the next five years.

The private sector network secured 200 signatories for the pledge, which also promises to tackle the lack of diversity in the sector.

“It is wonderful to see leading figures from the UK tech community pledging their commitment to this cause in such high numbers,” said Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates.

“Talent is the most pressing issue faced by digital businesses – both big and small –  and only through joint action can we make a lasting difference.

“The tech sector is one of Britain’s stand out industries, and by strengthening its foundations, we can sustain its growth and keep Britain at the forefront of global innovation.”

Code First Girls CEO Amali de Alwis, techUK president Jacqueline de Rojas, BenevolentAI chairperson Joanna Shields and Decoded founder Kathryn Parsons were among those to sign, as well as Microsoft UK, Telefonica, BT Consumer, Oracle, Box and Twilio.

Sarah Luxford, founder of the TLA WiT Working Group, said: “The technology sector is quickly becoming at the core of our daily lives, controlling how we work, interact and communicate. And yet its ability to be inclusive does not match its progress.

“We must work to make the tech sector more inclusive, and gender diversity is a key part of this. Only 17 per cent of the ecosystem is female, and this number must change. “TLA’s pledge is making great strides to make this happen.”

Mark Martin, founder UKBlackTech, said: “We are on a mission to make the UK the most ethnically diverse tech sector in the world and we want everyone to be a part of this journey. The pledge encourages us all to move beyond the tokenism, kind gestures and diversity buzz words.

“We want to be the agent of change for our future generations and ensure that tech products, services and companies reflect us all.”