Posted on September 4, 2019 by staff

London FinTechs dominate LinkedIn’s Top 25 Startups list


Online professional network LinkedIn has unveiled the UK addition of its Top 25 Startup list for 2019.

The network, now owned by Microsoft, has positioned London FinTechs in the top spots.

Announced today, it puts challenger bank Monzo at the top of its annual list, followed by rivals Revolut in second place and Starling Bank in fourth.

LinkedIn said the list was decided by factors such as employee growth, jobseeker interest, member engagement with the company and its employees, and how well the start-ups pulled talent from previous LinkedIn Top Companies lists.

Other FinTech firm’s on the list included London-based financial services firm 11:FS in seventh place, Tide in ninth place and Curve in 10th place.

Curve yesterday announced that it had beaten crowdfunding records on the Crowdcube platform, bagging five times its original goal in less than an hour.

London-based clearing bank ClearBank came in eleventh place, and financial services firms Flagstone came in fifteenth, with Modulr in eighteenth.

Eligible companies were at most 7 years old, had at least 50 employees, and were headquartered in the UK.

LinkedIn said its editors and data scientists parsed billions of actions generated by LinkedIn’s 645 million members to help the settle on a top 25 list.

Manchester-based media and publishing firm LadBible Group was the only firm in the North of England to make it on to the list.

The full rankings:

  1. Monzo Bank, London
  2. Revolut, London
  3. Gymshark, Solihull
  4. Starling Bank, London
  5. Babylon Health, London
  6. Formula E Holdings, London
  7. 11:FS, London
  8. The Goat Agency, London
  9. Tide, London
  10. Curve, London
  11. ClearBank, London
  12. Gate One, London
  13. Bud, London
  14. Thought Machine, London
  15. Flagstone, London
  16. Lad Bible Group, Manchester
  17. Monese, London
  18. Modulr, London
  19. Arrival, London
  20. Contino, London
  21. Cognism, London
  22. Moneybox, London
  23. Whitehat, London
  24. Attest, London
  25. Darktrace, Cambridge