Posted on April 3, 2019 by staff

LivingLens launches video facial blurring capabilities


Video analysis platform LivingLens has added the option of blurring faces within a video or image.

When enabled, the new capability allows admin users of the platform the ability to selectively blur captured content.

The Liverpool-based company, which captures and analyses video content via speech, actions & sentiment, translates the content into business insights.

The new feature has been introduced for situations when a video contains information that a client is not ready to reveal.

By blurring the faces of individuals the company – which featured on our 251 North West Tech list – hopes that the media can still be used for storytelling purposes.

Any individual piece of content selected for blurring will also be blurred in the subsequent showreels created in the platform.

“Brands and Market Research agencies are embracing video as a way to gain richer insight and to deliver great business impact through powerful storytelling,” said Carl Wong, LivingLens CEO.

“Healthcare is a particular area of growth; however, it comes with its own unique challenges. We’re delighted that the introduction of facial blurring will enable those in pharma and healthcare research to benefit as much as possible from video storytelling.”

Emily Davies, Senior Digital Project Executive at Cello Health Insight added, “Facial blurring provides us with the opportunity to share content with clients that we couldn’t have done before.

“It will give us the opportunity to easily anonymise videos without diminishing the advantages video can bring to insights in terms of tone, speech patterns and a library of easily searchable content.”