Posted on April 16, 2018 by staff

Liverpool must harness digital to reach global audience


The CEO of Peel Ports has hailed digital platforms as key to taking the Liverpool brand to global audiences.

Liverpool’s digital & creative, health & life sciences and innovation sectors are now major employers alongside advanced manufacturing, while Peel opened Liverpool2 at the Port of Liverpool to raise the region’s profile on a global stage.

Mark Whitworth, who will speak at our event focused on the future of the region on Wednesday, says the world is “getting smaller” thanks to technology.

“The Liverpool brand represents a wealth of business opportunity and digital platforms provide the means to take it to global audiences,” he told BusinessCloud.

“Investment in infrastructure and technology are cornerstones to longevity and enabling future growth.

“The challenge – and the opportunity – is to harness these technologies to maximise the impact and enable future growth.”

Peel Ports announced that autonomous vessels are coming to the Port of Liverpool and other UK sites after a successful seabed survey test last week.

Whitworth has led the Port of Liverpool owner since July 2010, prior to which he was CEO of Peel Airports.

Ahead of Wednesday’s event – which will shine a light on some of the region’s best companies and look at its overall strategy – he said the city’s universities are also central to growth.

“Investing in and retaining the right skills in the City Region is a prerequisite to success,” he said.

“Businesses must forge close relationships with academia at all levels to bridge the learning gap and furnish students with work-ready skills.”