Posted on July 15, 2016 by staff

Liverpool and Salford councils sign joint tech contract


In a bid to reduce costs and improve efficiencies Liverpool and Salford councils have signed a joint contract with SAP to deliver a technology platform.

The collaboration is part of a government-wide network. If successful it could work as a model for other councils on how to join forces to upgrade legacy IT systems.

The two councils will use a range of SAP tools to simplify and upgrade their infrastructure, as well as to create a more user-friendly service for citizens.

Salford’s mayor Paul Dennett said that by working together with Liverpool they will be able to “implement an affordable solution”, focused on the needs of the local residents.

He added: “Salford City Council has always recognised the importance of innovation and collaboration to develop new business solutions that will allow public bodies to work together, share costs and drive real transformation in our cities.

“This collaboration provides an exciting opportunity for us to maintain the quality of front-line services and at the same time develop a technology platform that could support the wider economic growth in our regions.”