Voggt, described as Europe’s first live video eCommerce platform, has launched in the UK.

The Paris-based platform uses livestreaming to bring the fun of in-person shopping to mobile and web while creating a community that is passionate about collecting and trading everything from playing cards, comic books and figurines to sports memorabilia, fashion and sneakers. 

Voggt aims to enhance the traditional retail experience through livestreamed shows which bring  together both sellers and passionate fans to create an online community.

The livestreaming model allows sellers to authentically engage with a growing community,  showcase their products in real-time and build their online following while providing levels of personalised support to customers normally found in a physical shop. 

The platform includes a live chat feature where members can share their views and speculate on the value of products during a show. 


Voggt members rate sellers after each purchase  and display the feedback both during sellers’ livestreams and on their profile pages. Sellers that maintain consistently high ratings from the community are rewarded with badges and emblems which are displayed on their profile to highlight their trusted credentials. 

To protect buyers and sellers alike, payments are not released to sellers until the items have been  delivered, ensuring buyers can be easily refunded if there are issues with their orders. If the product is delivered, but buyers and sellers disagree about the quality, Voggt says it acts as an intermediary to reach a fair solution for both parties, quickly and confidentially. 

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Voggt can be downloaded through the App Store, Google Play Store and on the web. 

“While eCommerce  platforms have enabled easy access to a wide range of products and brands, we could see that  the fun and social aspect of in-person shopping was being lost,” said Kevin Loiseau, co-founder and chief marketing officer (pictured). 

“By combining livestreaming and  live chat with online commerce, Voggt is transforming the online retail experience and enabling  our users to be part of a community that shares their passions for collectibles, sneakers and fashion. 

“As well as bringing the social aspect of shopping online, Voggt has created a safe environment  for buyers and sellers without compromising on fun. 

“We look forward to helping hobbyists and  small collectors be part of a community and turn their knowledge of everything from fashion to  trading cards into a flourishing business.”

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