Posted on August 23, 2019 by staff

Lincolnshire police warn drone pilots of new law


Lincolnshire police have released a new video in the hopes of education those new to flying drones of the law and safety regulations around the new tech.

It explains the ‘drone code’, which suggests those flying drones keep 150 ft. from people and property.

To stay ‘drone legal’, it suggests staying away from airports and aircrafts, to keep the drone in sight, and keeping below 400 ft.

It warns those who don’t obey the rules could face arrest and jail.

A drone flown near Gatwich airport earlier this year caused it to close for 36 hours, and led to it investing an extra £4m on anti-drone technology.

For those using drones for business use, the video explains that they would need permission from the civil aviation authority.

New ‘racing drone’ pilots who typically use VR goggles to navigate their high-end drones will need someone to keep sight of the drone, it warned.

The video can be viewed below.