Posted on September 16, 2016 by staff

Learn how to build a killer mobile app


Do you have a killer idea for a mobile application but need advice on how to make it a reality?

If so, this webinar could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Few people would disagree that apps are now part of everyday life.

We use them to control our fridges and turn off our lights at home, while they are essential for communicating with friends and family from all corners of the globe.

They are so ingrained into modern life that anyone can come up with an idea for one which would solve an everyday problem.

Mylo Kaye, CEO of award-winning digital app development and design agency Dreamr, will take part in the ‘Learn how to build a killer mobile app’ webinar on September 23rd.

“Having a killer app idea is only one part of creating an app loved by millions,” he says.

“At Dreamr we specialise in turning app ideas into something users will love.

“This webinar will help you create an idea that ranks with the likes of Instagram or Pokemon Go, with tips and tricks designed by industry experts.”

The webinar will be hosted  by Tom Forshaw, head of marketing at UKFast.

UKFast and Dreamr logos

Dreamr has clients with ideas for apps from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups – and will share tricks of the trade in the webinar.

It will teach you how to take your app from idea to reality, working with developers and agencies to nail down what you want to create.

It will also advise on how to make money with it when it launches to the world.

And it will also prove useful to those who already have an app, helping them to refine and improve it to achieve greater success.