Isansys Lifecare has appointed Dr Heather Duncan as its new chief clinical officer. 

Dr Duncan recently stepped down from her role as a paediatric intensive care consultant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the largest single-site paediatric intensive care unit in England, where she has worked for the last 20 years.

Her areas of expertise include clinical service development, quality improvement, risk reduction and innovation in healthcare. Her appointment will help Isansys in its continuing goal to improve patient safety, and efficiencies in the health sector.

Isansys has developed the Isansys Patient Status Engine (PSE) system, which continuously tracks the conditions of critical patients out of intensive care units.

Isansys Lifecare – Every patient monitored, connected and safe

“I’m thrilled to be joining an industry-leading company like Isansys, that shares my desire to improve patient care through the implementation of novel technologies, such as the Isansys Patient Status Engine,” said Dr Duncan.

“Having worked on high-pressured wards within NHS hospitals, I understand the potential impact such technologies are having, and I’m excited to be joining such a talented and dynamic team.”

The PSE is a wireless platform that captures and analyses patients’ physiological data, such as heart rate, temperature, blood saturation, blood pressure and ECG, continuously and in real-time.

This data, along with an early warning score, is fed live to a central monitoring station for clinicians and nurses, and can even be viewed on their mobile phones. This allows care teams to offer more proactive treatment and avoid emergencies.

The PSE has been approved for use in the UK, United States, and Europe, and can be used to wirelessly and remotely monitor patients in hospital or at home without compromising on the level of care they receive.

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Keith Errey, co-founder and CEO of Isansys, said: “I’m delighted that Dr Heather Duncan has agreed to join the Isansys team.

“Her insight and experience as a clinician are unparalleled and having her onboard will be invaluable as we continue working to create ground-breaking patient monitoring technology that will improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery globally and ensure that every patient is monitored, connected and safe – in hospitals, at home or anywhere in between.”