Juniper, a reproductive healthcare insurance provider, has raised £1.5 million in pre-seed funding led by Insurtech Gateway. 

The round was supported by 2100 Ventures, Exceptional Ventures and Heartfelt, alongside angel investors Vera Baker, Charles Delingpole, Matt Cooper, Tara Reeves and others. 

The investment will triple the team, drive growth and support Juniper’s pilot phase leading to its official launch.

Juniper addresses a gap in health insurance by providing comprehensive genital insurance for all genders, ensuring easy access for companies and their employees. In the UK, one in three women suffer from reproductive or gynaecological issues, while one in four men experience low testosterone by age 30.

“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) early on, and my corporate health insurance didn’t cover it, as PCOS was classified as a chronic reproductive condition,” said Ambra Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Juniper. 

“So, every year, I would pay £1,000 out of my pocket to see my gynaecologist and get my prescription. Juniper bridges this gap by providing end-to-end reproductive health support for employees and offers tailored, high-quality insurance products for employers and brokers. 

“Our digital platform aims to revolutionise the insurance industry by meeting the unmet needs of the new generation.”

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Juniper provides everyone with an out-of-the-box reproductive health cover, providing employees access to testing and routine check ups, education, community support, medical reimbursement and care navigation. 

It will be available to medium to large enterprise businesses looking to support their employees’ well-being, benefit from hassle-free admin, and pursue new avenues for ESG initiatives. 

Juniper offers coverage that includes various conditions and tests, encompassing contraception, STD testing, endometriosis, erectile dysfunction, and reproductive organ cancer. Juniper also covers gender dysphoria, egg freezing, and menopause – making it the sole insurance provider to address these.

Robert Lumley, co-founder at Insurtech Gateway, added: “When Juniper asked us to imagine dental insurance, but for your genitals, it opened our eyes to a substantial market largely ignored by traditional insurance. 

“Juniper is removing the stigma surrounding reproductive health issues and enabling employers to offer comprehensive care for all employees. We are delighted to join them on this journey.”

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