Former Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button cited team culture and collaboration as the key to success during a headline appearance at a landmark tech event at the London ExCeL on Wednesday. 

At DTX + UCX 2022, the driver called his time on the circuit a “collaboration” – declaring that teams win races rather than drivers, and that great group cohesion can break down silos in communication to guarantee great results. 

“Making sure everyone knows their worth and works in harmony is key,” Jenson told the packed audience. 

“Once the race starts and your helmet is on, adrenaline kicks in and you seamlessly forget about the dangers. 

“People management is essential. To be able to coordinate and collaborate can drive results.” 

Button also spoke about the importance of training and preparation for major changes and issues, and how to make sure your teams function effectively in high-pressure environments. 

Team collaboration was also covered by Kellogg Europe’s CIO John Hobson – who reflected on the journey of creating a new company culture, working within the beliefs of the team, and ensuring staff can have a voice. 

Previously, technology drove the conversation of digital transformation – but now the focus should be on how it benefits the business and the individual. 


CIO Adviser at Zoom, Magnus Falk, also covered the new era of working through the evolution of flexibility – exploring how an accidental experiment created by the pandemic created fresh demands for a different method of working. 

Falk called technology “the ticket to flexibility”, highlighting how video software breaks down silos for businesses by helping them get the best from their teams, and how to think more virtually rather than physically to drive efficiencies and deliver better customer service. 

“Human beings have proven that it’s possible to do great work from just about anywhere,” he stated. 

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Atul Bhardwaj, chief digital & technology officer at The LEGO Group, talked about how the toy manufacturer has excelled by pushing beyond its ordinary walls and using digital to enhance the physical. 

Bhardwaj said that “the builders of tomorrow are becoming more digital” – explaining how LEGO had branched out into mobile solutions, the metaverse, creating virtual showrooms all whilst implementing robotics and automation.

Sammi Adhami, COO of fitness app FiiT, also used the event to discuss how tech’s barrier-breaking capabilities are building a healthier world – with users of the FiiT app accessing the best instructor-led workouts at any time in any place.

“There’s a responsibility on businesses to give staff flexibility to be physically active  and tech is helping to create these opportunities.  “It’s about breaking down old barriers and thinking differently to build this into cultures,” said Adhami. 

The event continues through October 13th at the London ExCel.

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