An IT managed support company has hit £1m turnover for the first time in its 21st year. 

MysonPages saw a big surge in demand for its services in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as clients switched to remote working. 

MysonPages has 200 clients, of which the majority are based in Rochdale, including Rochdale Football Club. 

Founder and director Dave Brereton said the company’s success had been built around great customer service, evidenced by their inclusion in Zen Internet’s Circle of Excellence Awards.  

Brereton said: “We provide managed IT support for small businesses. We are their outsourced IT department and help companies to build their businesses. 

“2020 was a tough year for a lot of people because of COVID but it meant we were incredibly busy. Everyone was reliant on us to keep them working and help move to remote. 

“We launched the business in 1999 so it was an incredibly proud moment to hit £1m turnover for the first time in our 21st year, in a year of so much uncertainty.” 

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MysonPages employs 12 people and while starting on Drake Street, is currently based in Delph between Rochdale and Oldham. 

Brereton described MysonPages’ inclusion as one of only five companies in Zen Internet’s Circle of Excellence Awards as a ‘game-changer’. 

The awards recognise companies that deliver service excellence and are based on customer feedback. MysonPages were given a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86. 

Brereton said: “It’s the ultimate accolade because it’s based on our customers feedback, it’s effectively the viewers’ vote. We’ve worked with Zen for 16 or 17 years but being included in the Circle of Excellence Awards has been a game-changer, it will act as a catalyst for change. 

“2020 was a successful year for us and 2021 will be about adapting.  As a business we’ve embraced remote working and that’s going to continue to drive change amongst our clients.” 

Brereton is a member of the Rochdale Ambassadors and praised the borough’s business community. 

“The physical signs of regeneration have transformed the borough but there’s been a real coming together of the business community too,” he said. “It feels appropriate that after 13 years we’re moving our offices back into the borough in 2021, back where we’ve always belonged.”