Uppbeat, a disruptive free music platform for YouTubers and content creators, has raised £4.6 million in its first round of funding.

Part of Music Vine Ltd – a music licensing platform for professional filmmakers headquartered in Leeds – the platform recently surpassed 500,000 users having launched in January 2021.

With more than 100m people sharing content across YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and other social media platforms, Uppbeat’s solution sources high-quality music and sound effects that it says won’t cause any copyright issues or demonetisation of content.

It will use the investment to add new network features that will enable creators to curate and share their playlists. Following the launch of its sound effects and clips library, Uppbeat also plans to expand its product into additional visual and audio assets to provide a one-stop-shop for YouTubers and other social media content creators.

“Everyone has it in themselves to create something incredible,” said CEO Lewis Foster. “When we launched Uppbeat last year, it was all about giving everyone the freedom to express their creativity without the fear of losing out to copyright claims or having to pay for expensive subscriptions to music licensing platforms.

“Since launching Uppbeat, the response from the creator community has been truly incredible. Their positivity and feedback have pushed the platform to where it is today and it’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to secure this incredible investment as we enter an exciting new chapter for Uppbeat.

“We believe this investment is not only a game-changer that will help fund Uppbeat’s ambitious growth strategy, but also an exciting moment for the creator community and a huge milestone on our path to giving everyone the freedom to create.”

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