Posted on May 9, 2017 by staff

Is skills gap seriously harming digital transformation?


The IT skills gap could be seriously harming attempts at digital transformation as more than half of companies rethinking their business models.

According to research from Nimbus Ninety and Ensono, advances in tech – from automation to data analytics and artificial intelligence – and the need to meet customer expectations is driving change.

Now, 47 per cent of companies are drawing up a digital transformation strategy.

That is up from just six per cent last year – but two thirds of decision makers claim they do not have the skills to service new IT models.

Noticeable gaps occur in data science, AI and infrastructure management skills.

Simon Ratcliffe, principal consultant for Ensono, commented: “Companies that address their technology infrastructure – be it cloud, legacy or the connections between the various elements – can adopt new disruptive technologies and build momentum,
“As this research demonstrates, companies now understand the business value of improving customer experience.

“The next step on the journey is to execute these new business models, and for companies to find ways to find the skills needed to do this.”

The report states 80 per cent of digital transformation is now being driven by the need to meet customer expectations
It highlighted the need for new skills in digital transformation.

While 39 per cent rely on in-house skills for the broader set needed for transformation, only 35 per cent believe their organisation has the right skills in place.

41 per cent said they are working with a solutions vendor and more than a third are working with a consultancy or design agency to help plug gaps in skills.

Nimbus Ninety is the UK’s independent research community for disruptive business.