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People are increasingly abandoning their wallets in favour of using their phones to make payments in-store or online. And if they’re using an iPhone, it’s highly likely that they’re using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay, which was first introduced in October 2014, has become an increasingly popular method of payment, and has certainly changed the game in terms of how we do our everyday banking and payments. As of 2021, there were 507 million Apple Pay users worldwide, a figure that is growing by the day. With many new payment methods and merchant systems arriving on the market each year, it is hard to differentiate the good from the bad.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the advantages of using Apple Pay and why it’s one of the safest ways to make online & in person payments.

Everything in One Place

Have you ever arrived at the counter and realised you’ve brought the wrong card? Ever wanted to make a booking online, only to realise that you do not have your credit card with you? We have all been there at some point in our lives. It’s less likely to be an issue now that Apple Pay is available. Your phone can store a variety of cards, which are all accessible via the app.

So, no more misplacing cards or keeping track of multiple ones in a physical wallet! Apple Pay allows you to make payments wherever you are, as long as you have your phone with you.

Apple Pay Acceptance

Another benefit to using Apple Pay is that it’s accepted at many different online and in person. It is possible to make payments in online stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, and numerous other places where you see the Apple Pay sign. This makes it a very attractive option for processing your payments.

You can even use Apple Pay to play at online casinos. Common options for depositing money at an online casino include PayPal, Neteller or depositing straight from your mobile phone. According to some reviews, Apple Pay casinos are the best option as the casinos that allow this payment method are usually the most reputable ones too. This means that you are getting access to the best games while knowing that your payment details are being stored safely.

The same goes for other venues and online stores that use Apple Pay for payments. You can be assured that these stores are trustworthy and that your details will be safe.


Keeping in line with the theme of safety, Apple Pay users benefit from the peace-of-mind of knowing their payment details are kept safe. Using Apple Pay can reduce the risk of your credit card details being stolen and if you happen to lose your device you can disable Apple Pay remotely. Furthermore, you need to use your Face ID or Touch ID to verify you are the owner of the iPhone, so even if someone manages to get a hold of your phone, they will not be able to use Apple Pay to make fraudulent payments.

With hackers and cyber-attacks becoming a bigger issue as we make more payments online, as well as phones being one of the biggest targets for thieves and pickpockets, it is definitely a factor to consider if you are thinking about using Apple Pay.

No limits

One of the most attractive features of Apple Pay is that there is no longer a limit placed on the amount you can pay using contactless. This means that you can make large payments by scanning your phone which makes things a lot more efficient especially when you are doing a lot of shopping.

A big reason for limiting the spend on contactless payments was the perceived lack of security, and this is definitely a fair point. However, as pointed out previously, Apple Pay requires biometric unlocking of your device, so this security issue is not a problem for Apple Pay users. Other companies are beginning to follow suit here due to the feedback received when the UK treasury announced an increase on contactless payments to £100. 

Public Transport

Another big benefit to Apple Pay is it can be used on many transit systems. This is made easy with the new Express Mode from Apple Pay. You do not need to use your Face/Touch ID for this feature, you can just tap on and tap off as you go. Taking the time to unlock your phone is a little easier in a queue for a sandwich or coffee, whereas movement through public transport systems can be a lot more hectic and the ability to tap on and tap off quickly is a welcome feature of Apple Pay.

Apple pay works on all of the Transport for London (TfL) network including the London Overground, DLR, River, TfL-Rail, Buses, Trams, and of course the Underground. This makes it the most efficient way to travel in the city and it is also accepted on other UK transport networks. This can also save you money on transport, as when you tap on and off you only pay for the actual distance travelled in your journey.


More people than ever are choosing Apple Pay over existing payment methods. Just take a look next time you are in the shop or queuing for the train, you will see iPhones and Apple Watches instead of wallets and cards. This can be accredited to how easy it is to use. Almost every aspect Apple Pay makes the process of online payments more efficient and safer and can even save you a bit of money. It is definitely worth making the shift to Apple Pay for in person and online payments.