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New Zealand is experiencing rapid growth in the gambling industry. According to the latest reports, about 40% of New Zealanders gamble weekly. Online casino games, as well as betting apps, are extremely popular in the country. 

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs has extended its contract with Intralot, a global provider of electronic monitoring systems. As an international provider of state-licensed gaming and sports betting services and transaction processing systems, Intralot is located in Athens, Greece. In addition to operating lotteries, the company sells them. 

More than 5,000 employees work for the multinational giant across 53 countries. Several American organizations, including the Idaho Lottery, also rely upon it. 

The Department of Internal Affairs, popularly known as DIA, has contracted Intralot NZ Ltd., Intralot’s subsidiary in New Zealand, to provide Electronic Monitoring Services to keep providing comprehensive reporting, accounting, auditing, and secure management of New Zealand’s Class 4 gaming venues for a three-year extension.

The Intralot and DIA deal

Intralot NZ Limited will audit, report, and manage all the country’s class 4 gaming properties. Intralot NZ Limited will now have the opportunity to serve the nation up until 2025, thanks to this extension. 

The country introduced the first Electronic Monitoring System to track and monitor gaming machine operations in March 2007. With this deal, the government has been able to keep an eye on the top 10 casino operators presented on, including all online platforms which provide gambling services. 

As the CEO of Intralot, Chris Dimitriadis has expressed, Intralot would like to offer thanks to DIA for having shown its decades-long confidence and trust in the partnership. According to his statement, this extension would now stand for successful cooperation motivated to implement a first-rate operating service performance out of the EMS. 

Contract extensions and strong relationships with partners are trademarks of Intralot. As part of the first extension, the company integrated a gambling platform to make the gaming sector more dependable. 

New Zealanders spend an average of $103 per year on gambling-related activities, and the industry is said to be worth millions of dollars. As a result, it should not be surprising that Intralot and other companies of this type have thrived in the country. A similar agreement with Intralot was reached in July. 

Nederlandse Loterij was also a new partner for Intralot. Intralot will now provide a sports betting platform to the Dutch lottery operator. For the first half of 2020, Intralot reported a 55.5% decline in revenue compared to the same period last year, citing ongoing difficulties in its B2B and B2C activities in Turkey and Bulgaria. 

According to Intralot’s licensed operations (B2C) division, revenue fell 74.9 percent to €57.7 million for the six months to 30 June from €168.2 million (£156.0 million/$199.5 million) a year earlier. Intralot manages 2,000 POS in Western Australia by a separate contract. As part of a license agreement, Intralot runs lottery games in Minas Gerais, the second-most populous state in Brazil. 

What is Intralot?

As a publicly listed company operating in 42 different regulated jurisdictions worldwide, INTRALOT is a leading gaming solution provider and operator. The Intralot Group of Companies has a global workforce of approximately 3,800 employees in 2019. 

The company strives to redefine innovation and quality of services within the lottery and gaming industries while supporting operators in raising funds for charitable causes. Offering state-of-the-art technology across geographies, the company has built an advanced ecosystem that offers cutting-edge gaming services for all verticals, enabling operators to transform into digital businesses and providing players with an unmatched gaming experience. 

The World Lottery Association has awarded Intralot the Responsible Gaming Framework certification. The company has also obtained certification under the WLA Security Control Standard.

The Department of Internal Affairs New Zealand

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (DIA NZ) is the government-owned agency of New Zealand that is entrusted with a variety of duties, including issuing passports; managing citizenship and lottery applications; enforcing censorship and gambling laws; registering births, deaths, marriages, and civil unions; collaborating with ministers on policy issues, and advising the government.

The department also provides a translation service, publishes the New Zealand Gazette (the government’s official newspaper), manages VIP visits to New Zealand, manages Lake Taupo harbormaster’s offices (agreements with the tribe), and administers offshore islands.

What Intralot seeks to offer

Providing equipment, software, and maintenance services, as well as technology and support services. For game and sports betting organizations, management services include managing day-to-day operations, providing marketing support, setting odds, and risk management.

In a licensing process, the owner may also be responsible for managing and supporting all aspects of an operation as well as selecting and supplying technology.


Based on the standards of the Gaming Association, Intralot’s world-class solution claims to meet the most demanding regulatory environments. It says it is committed to supporting DIA’s efforts to create a responsible gaming environment for local players.