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Most online casino players tend to fantasize about big wins. However, turning that fantasy into reality takes a lot of luck – and hard work. To help you know more about this, seasoned casino veteran, Martin Dupont, talked about his experience with online casinos.

Our sponsor asked Martin about his background, how he chooses online casinos for high-rollers, and what kind of perks casinos usually give him. You can find all the questions and answers below.

Q/A Session with Martin Dupont, online casino high roller

We know you have been a part of the online casino world for quite some time now, achieving some sizeable wins in the process. We would love to discuss all about it with you.

Martin: Sure thing, it’s no problem at all. Unlike other casino pros, I actually enjoy talking about my experiences to show how the cookies really get made. People usually only see the pros, they are not fully aware of the ups and downs that come with being a… high roller, I guess.

Q1: Can you tell us about your background in the world of online casinos?

Sure. I was never too big on online gambling, but I went to a casino with some friends, and I really enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really feasible for me to go to the casino whenever I wanted to, as it was relatively far from my house. So, I bit the bullet and registered with an online platform… And what would you know? I actually enjoyed it more than my actual casino visit.

Q2: What inspired you to become a high roller?

Inspired is not exactly how I would put it. I started with a small bankroll, to be honest. But then I got lucky and started winning some considerable pots. I started developing strategies and reinvesting some of my wins in my bankroll. At a certain point, my bankroll was big enough for me to be considered a high roller.

Q3: How do you choose the online casinos you play at, and what criteria do you consider the most important?

That’s always a tricky question. I tend not to stick with the same online casinos for very long, as I rapidly hit their withdrawal limits. I get most of my information from websites that talk about casinos made for people like me who win a lot. Recently, I’ve been keen on, as I think they have some pretty good reviews and they answer your questions directly. It is a rapidly growing platform that is aimed specifically at high roller players and, as of right now, my primary information source that I can recommend.

Q4: What types of online casino games do you prefer to play, and why?

I tend to stay away from games where luck is the only factor. Other than that, everything is fair game. That being said, I’ll occasionally indulge in some video poker sessions. Still, my favourite game is blackjack, as I can lessen the house’s advantage.

Q5: Can you share some of your most memorable wins and losses?

My first poker tournament win will always stay with me. It wasn’t a very big pot, but it was the first. The most memorable loss I’m not so sure about as I tend not to think too much about losses. There is no point in focusing on the negatives.

Q6: What are the advantages of being a high roller in the online casino world?

Well, not every casino has the same criteria for a high roller, so the advantages change according to the platform you are using. I am a big fan of specialized customer support, though. I frequently hit withdrawal limits, and having to deal with automated chatbots is not very fun. Personal managers make my life way easier.

Q7: What lessons have you learned from your high roller experience?

Losing streaks are very real. Strategies like martingale will quickly make you bankrupt. And trust me, I know.

Q8: Are there any particular game developers or software providers you prefer, and why?

Well, I tend not to think too much about that. Since I mainly play table games, most providers do a very competent job. Slot aficionados, for a lack of a better word, probably care more about that, as they tend to focus on RTPs and variance.

Q9: How do you handle the emotional highs and lows that come with high-stakes online gambling?

I don’t—but not because I let my emotions run freely, quite the contrary. I remove emotions from the game. This is my job, and I have to be serious about it. If I ever feel like I am becoming too emotional, I just call it quits for the day.

Q10: What advice do you have for aspiring high rollers who want to succeed in the online casino world?

First of all, stop with that aspiration of becoming a high roller. Focus on improving your mentality first. Then, you need to realize that RNG games will just lose you money in the long term. If you want to make big bucks, play table games. Poker is excellent, but blackjack can also be very good.

Q11: Have you ever been a part of exclusive casino online events or tournaments for high rollers, and, if so, can you share your experiences?

Yes. I usually get invited to some very-high-limit poker games. I’ve played with some famous people before, but, when you are dealing with those kinds of people, it is essential to be discreet.