Posted on August 9, 2018 by staff

Influencers are ‘world’s most powerful marketing tool’


Having the likes of Kim Kardashian promoting your brand might not appeal to every business, but social media influencers can bring incredible returns when used in the right way.

That is the view of Alice Pavin, influencer community manager at Tailify, an influencer platform that works with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Coca-Cola, Nespresso and Disney.

Pavin told BusinessCloud of the potential the area holds for all brands.

“It’s the most powerful marketing medium in the world,” she said. “If you compare it to traditional advertising which is approximately 200 per cent ROI, this is around 600 per cent ROI – if it’s used in the right way.”

This idea is key, says Pavin, adding that it’s all about getting the right influencers rather than just getting in a big name for the sake of it.

“Some people use it and say they didn’t see any results,” she said. “No, of course you didn’t because you did one campaign and didn’t use the right influencers.

“For example, maybe they used an influencer that’s based in the UK but only five per cent of their audience is in the UK.

“In that case, you pay a lot and get much less value for money so it’s better to use someone with the right location and audience.

“You have to get those insights and choose the perfect influencer.”

As the industry becomes increasingly saturated, many influencers don’t play by the rules says Pavin, something which Tailify is trying to change.

“They buy followers and don’t put #ad on sponsored posts, so we’re really trying to change with Tailify, to move the industry in the right direction, to make it professional and that’s why we vet our influencers.”

Pavin stressed that the best campaigns are “the ones you don’t even realise are campaigns when you scroll through your feeds”.

“98 per cent of influencers say if they really love the brand they’ll develop a much deeper understanding and put much more effort into creating content – and that’s when you see the results.”

Tailify is headquartered in London and operates from offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Dubai. The company’s platform boasts 10,000 influencers.