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Some argue that far from fulfilling its promise to make our lives better, tech has actually worsened our quality of life.

It has given us smartphones we can’t put down and screens we struggle to peel our eyes from. 

However tech is just a tool like any other – one that can be beneficial or misused. Below are several tech innovations that can change your life for the better.

Home lift

If you think about stately homes when you picture a home lift, think again. Today it’s possible to install a home lift in most houses that have more than one floor. You can review some of your options at a home lifts site. A home lift is not just for convenience: it can increase accessibility if you or a family member has mobility issues at any point, helping ensure you are still able to move about the house easily.


If you are concerned about an ageing loved one, there are devices besides a home lift that can help them. With a smart doorbell, they can see who is at the door, which can be helpful if it is difficult for them to get there. Devices can monitor their movement and alert someone if they take a fall.

Ease of Use

People with vision or dexterity issues no longer have to struggle with reading numbers or symbols on devices or pressing small buttons. Instead, they can simply use voice-activated technology to do things such as search for music or movies. Even people who do not have these issues may prefer the convenience of simply saying the name of a film instead of punching in information for a search. This ease of use can close the digital skills gap and extend throughout the home, with voice-activated thermostats, lights and more. You can also get robot cleaners, such as Roombas, that are voice-activated.


There are few tasks that apps can’t help you with, whether you are trying to run a 5K, learn a language, make a budget, rate craft beers, listen to music, or do just about anything else you can think of plus a few you haven’t. Be sure that you understand the pricing structure before you download an app, and read reviews to make sure it will do what you want. Take at least a brief look at the terms of use and what permissions you are giving as well.

Finding balance

While all of the above can be great solutions that create ease in your life and give you more time to enjoy the things that really matter, if you aren’t careful you can find yourself spending too much time staring at screens. You should never stop thinking about tech as a useful tool, which means understanding what aspects of it do and don’t work for you. Some social media platforms can offer great opportunities to make professional connections. However, when you use them, you should be purposeful about it, knowing why you are going onto one and what you are going to do and giving yourself a time limit to avoid getting sidetracked.