Posted on October 31, 2019 by staff

Ideagen secures contract with New Zealand aviation giant


Listed technology company Ideagen has secured a software contract with New Zealand’s largest general aviation provider, Airwork Group.

The project will provide operational improvements across the organisation, particularly in risk and safety reporting.

The Airwork Group is working with the software firm, in a project that will enhance safety management.

Ideagen’s software is used by more than 300 aviation organisations globally, and counts the likes of Emirates, KLM and British Airways amongst its client base.

Its Coruson product is being rolled out to help modernise overall safety and risk management processes to replace a number of Airwork’s current systems.

Coruson will be used by around 500 members of staff across New Zealand, Australia and around the world as a modern software solution for safety management, specifically to record safety issues and simplify operational performance reports for management.

The software will also be adopted as a central system for the continuous monitoring of operational risk.

The introduction is the requirement by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand for all aviation businesses to have an approved safety management system (SMS). Following on from the successful implementation of their NZ industry-leading SMS system, Airwork identified the need for improved SMS monitoring and risk elevation became essential.

Scott McGregor, Helicopter Commercial Manager at Airwork Group, said: “This is an exciting project that will help us take safety management to the next level and significantly improve our risk awareness and mitigation processes.”

“Airwork is a medium to large business with a lot of systems and complexity. We quickly realised that if we wanted the business to be operating a world-class SMS system, we needed to implement an industry-leading system such as Coruson.”

Coruson will be rolled out across Airwork’s entire rotor and fixed wing businesses with an emphasis on reporting, audit and the safety investigation functionalities of the system, including risk.