Posted on March 26, 2018 by staff

Hyundai insight partnership to drive customer experience


Leading insight agency Kantar TNS, in partnership with Medallia, which provides customer experience management software, has been appointed by Hyundai Motor UK to bolster its customer experience (CX) programme.

Hyundai will benefit from the collaboration between Kantar TNS and Medallia, who together will provide leading CX techniques, sector insight and Medallia Experience Cloud(tm), enabling the business to have a better understanding of how its customers feel on every stage of their journey with the brand.

In tailoring the programme Hyundai Motor will not only be able to track CX performance but will also be able to integrate the principles and core themes of CX into its company identity supporting customers and sales growth.

The investment represents a unique opportunity for Hyundai to use Kantar TNS’s insight to fully integrate the Medallia system and achieve early CX wins, helping it adapt to changing consumer behaviours within the automotive industry and close the loop when it comes to individual customer transactions.

Hyundai expects the partnership to embed CX into the culture and lifeblood of its operations in the longer term, with the programme rolling out to 1,800 dealerships in 23 markets across the UK and Europe.

Kantar TNS and Medallia have recently increased the capacity of the partnership by enhancing their in-house design and implementation teams, to meet growing interest in operational CX programmes.

“We have an ambitious programme of product development over the next few years with many exciting and innovative new products being introduced to the marketplace,” said Hyundai aftersales director Nick Tunnell.

“Working with Kantar TNS and Medallia will, we hope, better enable us to connect with our customers at each step of their journey with us.”

Jamie Thorpe, commercial director of customer experience at Kantar TNS, said: “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Hyundai.

“Customer experience has become one of the biggest focal points for business as the ability to differentiate in the market gets harder and harder.

“Engaging with customers and providing them with a positive and memorable experience is now crucial to commercial success and our role is to help Hyundai understand and implement a CX system that will help it achieve this.”