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We’ve barely scratched the surface of what artificial intelligence can do for us. There are a number of AI-based platforms that are being built to help us with our everyday tasks, and it’s clear that there is plenty of potential with this new frontier. In this post, we take a look at how AI is bringing intelligence to NFTs and where they could lead in the future. In recent years, transferring agency from humans has become more practical and possible thanks to the advancement of technology. One of the areas where consumers have been able to harness this intelligence is via NFTs. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that can be used within gaming and betting platforms, enabling users to interact with digital characters and differentiate them from one another.

NFTs are built on smart contract technology. You can think of a smart contract as simply a set of rules or restrictions that are coded into the blockchain. A smart contract cannot be changed, and it will always execute exactly as it was predefined. Thanks to this innovation in blockchain technology, the use cases for NFTs have grown exponentially in recent years. There is no end to what you can do with an NFT, and this is why they have become so popular in the gaming community. Visit Bitcoin Up to learn all about bitcoins & NFTs!

What are NFTs?

An NFT is a unique digital token that represents ownership of a character within a game. NFTs not only act as a representation of the character but also as an asset attached to that character. You can purchase NFTs with real-world money and use them within gaming or betting platforms. In many ways, NFTs act like virtual, collectible game cards.

As NFTs are unique digital objects that represent a character within the game, they can hold some value. Unlike traditional gaming cards or tokens, which are based on fiat currency and not directly tied to in-game items, NFTs have an intrinsic value. The in-game item (character) is attached to its representation on the blockchain. This means that their value is derived from the game they appear in. As the NFTs are changed to reflect the value of that character, they gain in-game value.

Defining iNFTs and AI’s Role:

One of the criticisms of NFTs is that they lack a lot of the features that we’re accustomed to seeing in traditional digital games. What makes NFTs great is their innovative use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts. These two technologies have already led to some incredible improvements in the gaming world, and through iNFTs, users will be able to take advantage of these benefits.

iNFTs is an acronym for integrated NFTs. As the name suggests, they are all-inclusive digital tokens that can be used within a variety of gaming platforms. These tokens are specifically designed to give owners even more functionality than NFTs. With iNFTs, you can use the token in a variety of different gaming and betting platforms.

Characteristics of iNFTs:

1. Self-Learning: One of the greatest benefits of using an NFT is that the digital character is able to adapt and evolve when playing. This makes it more challenging for players, which is what makes them so popular. With iNFTs, this feature is enhanced even more thanks to self-learning AI. This technology allows the character to become smarter over time based on its experience. The more you play with an iNFT, the better it becomes at playing and adapting to any changes that are made in the game or betting platform.

2. Embedded Intelligence: It’s true that NFTs aren’t nearly as intelligent as their digital counterparts, but one of the most intriguing things about iNFTs is that they allow users to embed intelligence within the digital character. This means that the perspective from which you view your iNFT will be influenced by smart contracts.

3. Permissionless: The virtual characters that you own in NFTs are able to access any area of the game. One of the ways that this is implemented is through third-party smart contracts, which are available to all characters from anywhere in the game. This means that iNFT owners don’t need to be restricted by where they can play with their character, as there are no restrictions for them.

4. Valuable and Fractionable: Obviously, every character in a game has some value. This is especially true if it is a rare or powerful character or one that you have worked to develop in the game. Unfortunately, many NFTs have been designed with very little intrinsic value. That all changes with iNFTs. With iNFTs, you can purchase a fraction of an iNFT, and the value of that token will reflect the value of the digital character within the game as well as any other rights you’ve purchased in conjunction with it.


iNFTs are extremely exciting because they enhance the traditional NFTs that exist in the gaming world. They are truly innovative and will allow you to push your character to new levels. By utilizing the iNFT approach, you can actually embed intelligence into your digital character, giving it a personality and a very real connection to its owner. There is a lot of discussion surrounding NFTs, and many people are already talking about implementing AI into NFTs. Speech recognition is not perfect, but there are some improvements coming.