Posted on June 5, 2018 by staff

Home Office will use quantum computing to fight terror


An updated counter-terrorism strategy launched by the Home Secretary will refocus counter-terrorist strategy by harnessing new technology.

The Home Office said that the government will harness machine learning and quantum computing to ‘dramatically change and enhance counter-terror operational capabilities’.

The technology will be used to update CONTEST, the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid set out the plans, which will make CONTEST ‘more agile, flexible and co-ordinated’.

“As the threat evolves so must our response,” said the Home Secretary in his first keynote speech on security.

“Ultimately, our approach is about ensuring that there are no safe spaces for terrorists to operate – internationally, in the UK or online.

“The threat from terrorism is one of the starkest we face and it is clear there has been a step change.”

The new legislation will also amend existing terrorism offences to update them for the digital age, making it an offence to repeatedly view streamed video content online.

The Home Office also said announced increased work with private sector, which it hopes will better protect economic and physical infrastructure, provide faster alerts to suspicious purchases, and make it more difficult for terrorists to use the internet for propaganda.

The Home Secretary is also committing to the Global Coalition’s campaign against terrorist group Daesh, which aims to prevent terrorists from using the internet.