Posted on March 23, 2017 by staff

Hello Soda signs online gaming site


An online gaming website has signed up to use  Manchester-based Hello Soda’s multilingual analytics software.

Bet on Brazil is now leveraging the power of Big Data by harnessing its customers’ online footprints.

The analytics engine helps to verify identity, reduce the likelihood of fraud, speed up registration processes, personalise communications with customers and create tailored offers.

James Blake, CEO at Hello Soda, said: “The gaming sector is becoming increasingly competitive. This means that encouraging brand loyalty and attracting new customers is more important than ever.

“Personalised offers, along with an effective and streamlined ID verification and registration process, will play a crucial role in the long-term success of the modern gaming site.

“By taking advantage of big data and text analytics, Bet On Brazil has adopted a forward-thinking approach to business, enabling it to build better relationships with existing customers and increasing its chances of attracting new ones.”

Bet On Brazil is now gaining valuable and real-time insights into its customers’ behaviours and personal preferences. The company is then using this to improve its business processes and create a bespoke user experience.

Dan Marks, CFO at Argyll Entertainment, said: “We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive a gaming experience tailored to them as individuals.

“Incorporating new, digital innovation into Bet On Brazil’s processes is enabling us to stay ahead in a competitive market and ensure that our customers are receiving the most user-friendly and efficient personalised experience.”

Hello Soda’s multilingual software solution PROFILE utilises advanced analytics techniques including psycholinguistics and artificial intelligence to derive unique consumer insights for more informed decision-making, benefiting both businesses and consumers.

Since Hello Soda was founded in 2013, PROFILE is now used by over 70 clients in five continents for ID verification, fraud, financial inclusion, and personalisation.