HealthTech Cera Care is recruiting 10,000 new staff around the UK. 

Earlier this year Cera, which uses digital and AI to transform social care, acquired traditional care provider Mears Care in a £30m+ deal which created one of UK’s largest care firms. 

The London firm aims to retrain staff from industries that have suffered mass redundancies as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Workers with experience in sectors such as airlines, retail, customer service and hospitality are encouraged to apply. 

Co-founder and CEO Dr Ben Maruthappu said: “Every day we’re seeing more and more job losses, whilst the social care sector remains massively under resourced. 

“It’s vital that we use this moment to widen the talent pool for social care and offer opportunity to those with transferable skills who can help to strengthen the sector. 

“To help beat the virus and put people back to work, Cera Care is creating thousands of jobs providing critical support to our country’s NHS at a time when it needs it most, through a combination of our carer workforce and best-in-class technology.” 

Before COVID-19 Cera launched an artificial intelligence platform after securing £54m in new funding. 

It claims its SmartCare algorithms, which have been launched nationwide, can predict health deteriorations among the elderly population and keep them in their homes for longer. 

The company has taken part in initiatives with Airlines UK and Virgin Atlantic to facilitate the recruitment of recently laid-off airline staff. Successful applicants will be trained and posted to frontline roles conducting home visits within 10 days. 

Cera COO Yvonne Hignell said: “At this time of immense pressure we must use technology to create new solutions that change how we work in days not months, putting people back to work, empowering the front-line response to coronavirus and supporting the elderly and isolated. 

“These are long-term positions within our company, and we hope this will encourage those recently left without work, or even those currently employed, to consider getting trained and becoming part of this crucial community.”