London-based tech recruitment platform hackajob has launched in the US. 

hackajob’s stated goal is to make worldwide hiring fairer, faster and meritocratic. It is now set to support US companies as demand for specialist tech talent continues to surge.

It says the rise of remote working means two-thirds of tech talent is now widening the job search beyond their locality.

The careers marketplace already has 100,000 engaged tech candidates in the UK, from LexisNexis legal and professional to Roku, Informa and BAE Systems. Candidates on the platform range from software engineers to cloud specialists and data scientists.

It aims to eliminate the bias associated with traditional recruitment techniques to help find tech talent based on their skills rather than backgrounds by using AI and intelligent custom-built tech challenges to understand candidates’ overall competency.

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“We’re incredibly excited to expand our platform to the US market, tech talent has never been in greater demand in what is now an increasingly fluid tech ecosystem,” said CEO and co-founder Mark Chaffey.

“As we continue to grow, our mission is the same: we want to banish bias from the hiring process. The US is home of the world’s biggest tech giants and as the tech talent gap continues to widen, we aim to help companies meet demand by matching them to the right candidates with the best skills. 

“Our custom-built AI powered platform does this with ease, ensuring that the experience for both employees and employers is as smooth as possible.”

Since launching in 2015, hackajob now has two offices – in London and Romania – with 105 employees split across both sites.