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With so much quality content developing all over the world it is difficult to keep track of everything. Whether it is cinematography, games, or art, there is exciting entertainment news to be found everywhere. We have decided to compile a list of entertainment blogs from various markets so that you can be informed about whatever interests you.

These are by no means the only blogs in their industries, but they are among the top ones. Here is our list of some of the greatest entertainment blogs out there.

CinemaBlend – Movies & TV Shows

When it comes to blogs about movies and TV shows CinemaBlend is one of the greats. With top-notch diligence, CinemaBlend provides its readers with the most recent news about their favorite films and TV series. From HBO to Netflix shows and Hollywood news you will have access to the hottest hits and recommendations you can binge. 

Furthermore, they are active all the time with almost a dozen posts per day and active social media accounts. They not only cover news about movies but about actors and recent events as well. On their front page, you will be greeted by a thoughtfully organized categories section. The categories include Movies, TV, News, Superheroes, Reviews, and much more. Speaking of reviews, you will find detailed opinions and ratings by their expert staff similar to IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. CinemaBlend is the full package for movie and TV lovers.

GameInformer – Video Games

When tackling the vast and rapidly-evolving world of Video Games, it is important to have a trusted veteran blog at your side. GameInformer has been around since the early 90s publishing the latest news in the video gaming world. They have since switched to the online format producing regular content for video games on all consoles. 

They have a separate blog section where you can find everything there is to know about PC, Xbox, and Playstation games to name a few sections. Furthermore, the site also writes reviews and guides, as well as makes videos to help beginner and advanced players with various inquiries. 

The interesting part about GameInformer is that they are highly interactive with their audience. They hold regular questionnaires where their readers can submit questions to be answered in later blog posts. It is great to see an entertainment blog that not only does its job right but caters to the needs of its community.

The Broadcast by Reedsy – Literature

No matter what kind of genre of novel or poem you like, The Broadcast has something for everyone. You will be able to find various lists of book recommendations sorted through genre, authors, and themes. They have book reviews and sometimes even post a book analysis next to their recommendations.

That’s not all, The Broadcast also includes top-list blogs for books and poems. Furthermore, they deal with book-related topics like the latest reading technologies or fun and innovative bookshelves you can buy. For example, if you are a fan of e-books you can find a list of the latest e-book apps on the market. Alternatively, The Broadcast also features ways you can find novels or poems for free in their various tutorials. It is a true place for avid readers and even those who just want to casually browse through book-related blogs.

Blackjack Gala – Online Card Games

If you want to sharpen your blackjack card game skills as well as read interesting things about the game, then Blackjack Gala Blog might be for you. Blackjack Gala is run by a team of veteran Blackjack enthusiasts. The blog was started in 2009 and has grown to offer detailed and easy-to-read guides on blackjack. Furthermore, they offer both basic beginner strategies and expert tactics for advanced players.

No matter the skill level, reading Blackjack Gala blogs will provide you with both an interesting read and a boost to your skills. Some of the ongoing blog posts feature various blackjack strategies while some explore blackjack tips and myths. Additionally, they also offer various online platforms where you can actually play blackjack. However, if you just visit them for the blogs, it is more than enough. They update their articles section with regular blog posts and even online blackjack game reviews. Blackjack Gala is a true haven for card game lovers.

Hi-Fructose – Art

Finally, we have the amazing Hi-Fructose art blog. Founded by artists Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005, this visual art blog has been active ever since. The blog focuses on art that transcends genre and trend as the owners put it. Their blogs provide readers not only with some stunning artwork but also with content that is informative and original. 

The portfolio of the blog consists of contemporary and distinguished artists from all around the world. Their magazine is also distributed internationally in major bookstores. By browsing through their homepage, you can experience stunning visuals as well as a small story behind each one. 

Hi-Fructose also features a highly active Instagram page so you can follow them there if you prefer social media. They also have a built-in store where you can purchase their magazines and featured artwork. We definitely recommend at least checking out this exciting art project.