Posted on July 13, 2015 by staff

Government to Cut Broadband Red Tape


In an attempt to further stimulate fibre roll-out into the remotest parts of the UK, the government will consider the merits of making the current broadband regulations permanent.

In a productivity plan titled “Fixing the Foundations”, the government highlighted the importance of reliable, high-quality fixed and mobile broadband connections to support wider economic growth through increased productivity, efficiency and labour force participation.

According to the paper, investment in broadband would increase gross value to added by £6.3bn, creating 20,000 new jobs in the UK by 2024.

The report highlights that by reducing red tape and barriers to investment, Westminster would now act to support the market in achieving goals that it set out back in March this year in its Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy, regarding ultrafast broadband and universal 4G mobile coverage.

The government is now considering “making the 2013 planning relaxations supporting fixed high-speed broadband infrastructure roll-out permanent”.

In the government’s productivity plan it also announces proposals to extend permitted development rights to allow mobile network operators to deploy taller masts in both non-protected and protected areas in England.

The plan also revealed the ideas to introduce legislation as soon as possible to reform the Electronics Communications Code. This code regulates the communication between network operators and site owners, and will consult later in the year on implementing a European Union Directive on measures designed to bring down the costs of deploying high speed networks.