Scope3, the sustainability platform aiming to decarbonise media and advertising, has hired Tim Collier from Google to lead business operations across the UK and Northern Europe.

Based in London, Collier will establish and grow Scope3’s footprint across the two regions, working with publishers, brands, agencies, tech companies and industry bodies to measure and reduce carbon emissions across the digital advertising supply chain.

Collier joins Scope3 from Alphabet’s Google, where he was head of data and technology partnerships for the UK. He brings with him a strong track record of building enterprise partnerships with leading media agencies and technology companies, and driving data transformation for the UK’s largest marketers.

“While sustainability remains high on the agenda for most CMOs, many struggle to find a clear, effective course of action to reduce their carbon emissions. This is why I’m excited to join Scope3,” said Collier. 

“Scope3 is delivering both measurement tools and reduction solutions for marketers to make real change. The battle against climate emissions requires rapid innovation across all industries, and Scope3 is paving the way by demonstrating how it can be done in media and advertising – one of the most impactful sectors.”

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Anne Coghlan, co-founder and COO, added: “It’s great to have Tim onboard to support our continued growth in the UK and European markets. Educating the digital ad industry on the extent of its emissions problem, while leading the collective effort in reduction, is a top priority for Scope3. 

“We’re deeply committed to pushing the industry towards a higher bar for sustainability reporting and action, one that gives us the ability to know the type of impact our changing behaviours is having on the planet, and we’re confident Tim will help us further this mission.”

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