MediaTechInvestment, a generative AI platform that helps artists commercialise their work, has secured £3.4 million in seed funding.

The technology enables artists to build and train their own generative AI models based on their individual artistic practice and original designs.

From this they can produce high quality work at speed that authentically reflects their individual styles and unique artistic vision. These designs can then be sold or licensed to a wide range of organisations – from media outlets to ad agencies – allowing artists to capitalise on their creativity at a much faster, scalable pace. was founded in 2022 by Tonia Samsonova – a former journalist who went on to become a successful entrepreneur after securing an eight-figure exit for her Q&A platform, The Question, which was sold to Yandex, one of the biggest global competitors to Google. 

Driven by a lifelong passion for art, Samsonova wanted to design a platform that would reflect and support the huge diversity of artists styles and aesthetics by giving every artist the technology needed to create their own, individual version of AI rather than being restricted by the limited number and scope of models that are currently available.

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The funding round was led by Speedinvest and supported by InReach Ventures, Cornerstone VC and GuruDev Capital, as well as a series of international angel investors and funds. 

“AI’s role in the creative industries has been hotly debated for a long time now, and understandably, many professional artists have concerns over how its growing influence will impact their creativity and their livelihoods,” said Samsonova. 

“But we are firm believers that there is a world in which the two not only exist, but work together to produce outstanding results.

“Our mission is not just to integrate AI into the artistic process, but to redefine the very essence of creation itself. This funding marks a pivotal moment for us – a chance to push the boundaries even further, ensuring that artists everywhere can harness the power of AI to bring their visions to life.”

Julian Blessin, partner at Speedinvest, commented: “ represents a groundbreaking step forward for the creative arts sector. 

“At Speedinvest, we’re always on the lookout for innovators who not only harness the power of technology but do so in a way that democratises and enriches our cultural landscape. Tonia and her team have developed a platform that does precisely that – enabling artists to embrace generative AI as a partner in their creative process. 

“This investment is a testament to our belief in’s potential to redefine artistic creation and monetisation, ensuring that artists can thrive in the digital era.”

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