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Gambling can be entertaining and give players a surge in adrenaline. However, it can also become addictive and problematic for those who overindulge and spend most of their days doing it.

These punters face financial problems which affect their personal and social lives. Therefore gambling blocking software can be crucial.

GamStop is one such anti-gambling software functioning in the UK. However it doesn’t support some payment options, forcing people to find alternative self-exclusion options.

Introduction to GamStop exclusion

GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme, absolutely free of cost, developed by the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES) and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). GamStop was created in the year 2018 and it had been fully operational since the year 2020. It is among the most popular anti-gambling software in the UK for monitoring the excessive gambling habits of problem punters. The self-exclusion period in GamStop varies from 6 months to a year or even 5 years, as chosen by the customer.

To register for GamStop, one has to enter a few personal details and, within 24 hours, activation is completed. The player will be denied access to online gambling sites for the chosen period.

There are gamblers, however, who do not have a problem and voluntarily entered a self-exclusion period for other reasons such as to save money. Should they wish to remove or reduce the self-exclusion period, they can check here to find out how to bypass GamStop.

If GamStop software has stopped working, below are possible solutions to this.

What can gamblers do when GamStop software is not working?

GamStop customer support

Customer service support can be reached via phone, live chat and email. Customer service for GamStop is available 24/7. The trained customer support team will provide legitimate solutions to the problems of the customers as their prime objective is customer satisfaction. The helpline phone numbers are (800) 883-8895 and (866) 323-2321. The email address is [email protected]. Indeed, most of the doubts of the customers will be eliminated once they go through the FAQ section on the GamStop support page.

Internal limits of the operator

Internal limits of the operator provides services in collaboration with GamStop. This means when GamStop stops functioning, internal limits of the operator can be useful in delivering constructive solutions to customers. Installing this application is effective in preventing players from entering gambling sites across different platforms.


Gamban, introduced by GambleAware in the year 2015, is another popular gambling software in the UK. Gamban provides support to compulsive punters by blocking gambling sites and applications. GambleAware is an independent organisation that is engaged with the education, treatment, research and funding of issues related to gambling in the UK.

Gamban can be installed with any operating system like iOS, Android, or Windows. The self-exclusion period in Gamban is almost similar to that in GamStop. The self-exclusion period varies from 6 months to 5 years. Once Gamban is installed, players will be restricted from entering the gambling sites they have selected. 


BetBlocker is another software like Gamban and GamStop. BetBlocker was created by, an organisation founded mainly for reviewing online casinos, in 2019. is also a useful site for recommending popular games and casinos.

BetBlocker can be installed on any device, with any operating system like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. The player can select the self-exclusion period according to their wishes. In the case of BetBlocker, players can select periods of exclusion from 24 hours to the lifetime of the device where it is being installed.


In the UK, the protection of the rights of the customers is given utmost importance. There are several organisations that work with gambling addicts and help in spreading awareness about responsible gambling. 

The National Gambling Helpline is one such agency that provides education and awareness about the ill effects of gambling, supporting problem punters, while coordinating with gambling operators. Gamcare, linked with The National Gambling Helpline, provides support to gamblers in need. The counselling service offered by Gamcare seems beneficial in reducing the ill effects of gambling and in lending advice to punters.