Posted on July 17, 2017 by staff

Game star Jack the Parrot a hero for DFDS Seaways


A game starring a parrot called Jack has been hailed as a success by DFDS Seaways in engaging customers and promoting facilities on board its ferries.

Jack’s Epic Adventure is the latest game to be commissioned by DFDS from Team Cooper in a relationship that has lasted five years to date.

It has also been the most successful: the game was played more than 10,000 times with an average player engagement time of 22 minutes.

Cari Kirby, marketing manager at Sheffield-based Team Cooper, will speak at our will speak at our event next week ‘The gaming sector – the North West’s best kept secret’.

DFDS website manager James Butler said: “We wanted a game that would engage our online customers, who have come to anticipate and expect our games.

“This time we also wanted to showcase our other on-board facilities too, like restaurants and bars.

“The brand is becoming synonymous with games now and as long as they keep delivering, we’ll keep making them.”

With the brief in mind, Team Cooper set out to reskin one of their white label game engines, with custom graphics and functionality. In it Jack the Parrot flies through the skies over ports and across the seas past DFDS holiday destinations, picking up coins and ‘on-board’ product powered mega-boosts along the way.

The game was hinged on a competition to win an Apple Watch and players could unlock special offers by collecting points.

In addition to the overall free prize draw to win the watch, to increase levels of re-engagement and to create a wider social circle of players Team Cooper developed a second tier competition for the Top 100 players.

Tim Cooper, director and producer at Team Cooper, explained: “We are always looking for ways to increase engagement with our games, so we developed an email loop which notified players if they had dropped off the Top 100 or if one of their connected friends had beaten their score – so they could rectify the situation immediately!

“It really worked: 45 per cent of players who received the email went back to play the game again, so we’re thrilled that this latest game has been so successful for DFDS.”

Founded in 2006 by director Tim Cooper, Team Cooper is a BAFTA-nominated branded games studio making HTML5 online games for a wide range of clients, including digital marketing agencies, corporate brands, broadcasters and charities.