An AI-powered meal tracking app, Fueld, has launched today.

The app provides an instant view of a meal’s nutritional value from just a photo.

Based in Bristol and Bath, Fueld removes the need for manual ingredient counting, providing an instant view of the nutritional value of your meal. It offers users instant insights around protein, fibre and other nutrition. 

In addition, AI-powered coaches offer personalised advice to improve the meals on a nutritional level, with a focus on blood sugar balancing and gut health. 

Fueld, available for free on both Apple iOS and Android app stores, democratises access to nutrition tracking, empowering everyone with a quick and easy view of key nutritional information for all the food and drink they consume.

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“Fueld has the power to transform how people think about food and nutrition,” said co-founder Glenn Smith. 

“Backed by science and enabled by incredible AI technology, we’ve made it easy to snap a picture of your meal and get an instant breakdown of what you’re consuming. 

“It’s an amazing tool and experience which we’d encourage everyone to try.” 

Co-founder Graham Ratcliffe said: “With growing awareness of the health issues caused by poor diet, many people recognise that better nutrition can improve their health but don’t know where to start. 

“Fueld does the heavy lifting, so users can start making small, impactful changes to boost their well-being. Our mission is to tackle the metabolic health crisis head-on and empower everyone to understand how lifestyle choices impact overall health.”

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