Posted on March 4, 2019 by staff

FT1000: Europe’s fastest-growing firms revealed


The third annual FT1000 list of the fastest-growing businesses in Europe has been published.

The list, compiled by the Financial Times with Statista, ranks European firms by revenue growth between 2014 and 2017.

Four UK tech firms made the top 10. Point-of-sale car finance company Blue Motor Finance, which was founded in 1992 but has transformed into a FinTech company, took top spot with staggering absolute revenue growth of 51,000 per cent after reaching €61m turnover in 2017.

Deliveroo, with growth of more than 15,000 per cent (€316m), was knocked into second spot after leading the way in last year’s list.

Housekeep, which won the ‘most impressive growth’ category at BusinessCloud’s UK Business Tech Awards last year, took sixth place while cyber security company Darktrace also made the top 10.

The list was dominated by the technology sector. 149 firms identified as pure tech with an additional eight in cyber security, 58 eCommerce, 19 FinTech and five video games companies.

A glance through the list shows that tech also runs through many of the other businesses.

Germany boasts the greatest number of company headquarters with 230, while London remains the top city with 63 businesses based in the UK capital.

This year the bottom-ranked company achieved a growth rate of 37.7 per cent, compared with 34.6 per cent last year.