Frame – the West-Yorkshire based technology and data science business – has won a key contract with Sorted and has also secured project extensions with Smart Data Foundry and MPB that will run over the next six months.

Sorted is a delivery experience platform that helps retailers and brands with shipping, tracking, returns and exchanges. Its suite of delivery software also aims to improve the customer communications experience. 

Frame is now working with Sorted to develop a range of state-of-the-art predictive alerting capabilities that will further enhance its appeal.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Smart Data Foundry is a data innovation organisation serving the public, private and third sectors.  Its purpose is to inspire financial innovation and improve people’s lives by unlocking the power of financial data. It aims to be the leading provider of data for research and innovation – supplying real data for research and synthetic data for innovation.  

Frame started working with Smart Data Foundry last year and this new six-month extension will see the firm build on the work delivered so far, including scalable and robust data pipelines.

MPB is the world’s largest platform to buy, sell and trade used photo and video equipment. As the global leader in used kit inventory, MPB sets the market benchmark for pricing. Frame has worked alongside MPB’s internal pricing team to build upon their global pricing strategy to ensure the right kit is always available at the right price across the 400,000 items traded annually. 

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The goal of this new phase of activity is to test and improve the pricing modelling and to help guide MPB’s strategic data science roadmap that will be rolled out and implemented over the next couple of years.

Frame was established in 2020 by Liam Fulton and Hannah Bratley. It is a technology and data science business that is headquartered in Slaithwaite but works with clients across the UK and internationally. 

Its team of end-to-end data experts, who include engineers, scientists and developers, work across two core divisions: Consultancy and Solutions. The business is also currently developing a brand-new image optimisation product for the e-commerce sector which will come to market in 2023.

“Sorted is a truly innovative platform and it’s fantastic that we are now applying our expertise to enhance its appeal and functionality,” said Fulton. “The next few months will be an exciting time for the brand and we are looking forward to playing our part in its evolution.

“We are also delighted that both Smart Data Foundry and MPB have seen the value that we have added in their initial project phases. The two extensions are testament to the team’s hard work and expertise.”

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