Posted on April 24, 2018 by staff

Former Manchester United heavyweight joins tech firm


UKFast is continuing to develop its focus on contributing to the local community with the appointment of a director of corporate social responsibility and fundraising.

Former Manchester United Foundation head of fundraising Russell Feingold joins the Manchester technology company to head up its community initiatives following six years with Key 103’s Cash for Kids project.

UKFast works with more than 60,000 young people across Greater Manchester, delivering workshops, code clubs and engagement sessions in some of the region’s most underprivileged wards in a project that started more than a decade ago.

The fast-growing tech firm also has a long history of fundraising and volunteering for charitable projects, including Key 103’s Cash for Kids, Harvey’s Den, Children in Need and other campaigns.

The appointment sees UKFast founders Lawrence and Gail Jones formalise and expand their long-term commitment to charity and local community work.

UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones said: “We’ve been working with a number of local projects for many years to make a difference in people’s lives. The most important part of creating a sustainable future for Manchester lies in nurturing the next generation and ensuring that every child in the region has the same opportunities to learn and grow.

“Businesses have a huge amount of resource at their fingertips. It’s not just about money. It’s about the time, passion and energy they can contribute.

“Is it not our responsibility as businesses owners to give back to the community where we’re based and work hard to ensure we do everything we possibly can?

“Russell is an incredible character with energy and passion. He has a proven track record of delivering real change for disadvantaged children in Greater Manchester and is the right person to help us take our work in the community to the next level.”

Feingold’s brief includes the management of a fund which is to be made available for local community organisations and projects supporting disadvantaged children across Greater Manchester.

Feingold said: “This is a dream role for me. To combine the energy of the UKFast team with my love of supporting disadvantaged children is an amazing opportunity.

“UKFast already does outstanding work across education and technology in the region’s schools. I’m here to develop our strategy further and use the power of the brand to support even more local organisations.

“I first met Lawrence during my time with Cash for Kids. When UKFast came on board it added some serious weight to the project and we saw an amazing spike in our results.

“Lawrence was always there pushing us, encouraging us to set the bar higher. It really inspired me to work with UKFast and work alongside people who set the bar higher every day.

“It was this experience, all those years ago, that inspired me to be part of the UKFast team now.”

UKFast delivers more than 500 educational events to the Manchester community each year. With backing from the government, the cloud firm is set to build a new digital-focused high-school in the city, in partnership with the Dean Trust.