Posted on March 21, 2019 by staff

Fernando Alonso invests in eSports racing platform


Former Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso has invested in an eSports racing platform.

Indy 500 racer Alonso has bought a stake in Motorsport Games, part of the Motorsport Network, and will join the company’s board.

Motorsport Games partners with UK gaming company Codemasters and also helps to run the Le Mans Esport Series and Nascar’s eNascar Heat Pro League.

Other racing series could join forces with Motorsport Games down the line.

“eSport is no longer a fantasy, it’s a reality and something I have been passionate about for some time,” Alonso said.

“Investing in and helping to lead Motorsport Games will allow me to make a real contribution to this exciting aspect of motorsport’s future.

“eSport is not better or worse, but it is different and one of the important distinctions is that it provides a way to open up motor racing to the fans.

“In all aspects of my motor racing career, whether in F1, in IndyCars or last weekend in Sebring with sports cars, one of the consistent factors all over the world is Motorsport Network.

“Their scale, as well as their commitment to eSport with all of their recent initiatives, convinced me that Motorsport Games is an organisation with great capability and ambition.”

Zak Brown, chairman of Miami-based Motorsport Network, said: “Having Fernando add his investment, reputation and leadership to Motorsport Games is hugely exciting.

“In a short space of time, Motorsport Network has taken a lead in the eSports and games space with the acquisition of 704Games, holder of Nascar games licence, the joint venture with Le Mans and the recent partnership with Codemasters and we are in advanced discussion with a number of other global championships.

“I’m sure that adding Fernando’s contribution and enthusiasm will catapult Motorsport Games to a leadership position in eSports.”