An automated manufacturing platform connecting engineers with production capacity is  growing its supplier network internationally. 

For the first time, Fractory – which featured on our FactoryTech 50 ranking – now offers UK customers the option to choose global suppliers and not just those based domestically. This often means lower prices and shorter lead times.

Fractory also introduces a layer of security between local customers and Asian manufacturing. which can be difficult to navigate. Having worked with more than 170 suppliers across Europe, UK and US, the firm says it is using its experience to offer low costs without compromising reliability or quality.

“More international supplier options now make us one of the best-priced options for series manufacturing and complex project-managed orders,” said co-founder and CTO Rein Torm. 

“UK customers seeking the lower prices that can come with offshore production will benefit from our growing number of international supply partners.”

Fractory says its long-term goal is to add not just more international suppliers but more European and UK suppliers too.

The firm has also partnered with Kriya Payments – formerly known as MarketFinance – to provide flexible credit options to customers.

Customers can place their orders for parts as normal, based on the designs they have uploaded, and by applying for credit terms at checkout – in just three clicks –  will see their credit limit change instantly.

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