A former executive leader at Apple has been appointed chairman of SleepCogni.

Colin Greene, who held senior roles at Apple for more than 13 years – including CEO of Apple Korea and senior director for the Apple US consumer retail business – has been appointed a director of parent company Braintrain2020 Ltd. 

The announcement follows SleepCogni’s recent recognition at the CogX Awards, where it won ‘Best Innovation in Personalised Medicine’, and its selection in 14th spot in our own MedTech 50 ranking.

SleepCogni is a patented handheld device designed to help people self-manage their insomnia. The solution serves as a first-line therapy for insomnia sufferers. Combining hardware and software, SleepCogni also aids clinicians and therapists in delivering and optimising care.

SleepCogni has been developed with some of the world’s most recognised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) therapists, academics, and clinicians, and has been backed by venture capital and British government innovation funding.

Greene led the Apple US consumer business, responsible for sales of all Apple products and services through the physical and digital presence of the world’s biggest retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and Target. He also led the entire sales and go-to-market strategy, exceeding targets by achieving multi-billion-dollar revenues in 2020. Since leaving Apple in 2019, Greene has joined UK-based venture capital firm Praetura as partner and board director. 

A non-executive director at Braintrain2020 for the last two years, he will replace outgoing chairman Richard di Benedetto, who will become a NED and advisor to the board. 

“I was absolutely delighted to be asked by the board to succeed Richard di Benedetto as chairman,” said Greene. “Richard has laid a strong foundation, and there remains an enormous opportunity to transform the lives of people suffering from insomnia.

“I have witnessed first-hand how SleepCogni has made enormous progress in the development of their product from MVP to a fully scalable production version. I can’t wait to see what impact we will have on the lives of our users.”

Richard Mills, Braintrain2020 founder & CEO, said: “Firstly, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Richard di Benedetto for his leadership as chairman during a challenging period of R&D amid the COVID pandemic. 

“After successfully raising significant funding in 2021, our aim was to transition from our MVP prototypes, used in our successful 80-patient randomised clinical trial, to mass production. This is a milestone we’ve achieved, and as Elon Musk aptly said, ‘Prototypes are easy, and production is hard’—a sentiment I can certainly concur with.

“The timing feels perfect for Colin to step in as chairman as we move into the go-to-market and real-life testing phases, aiming for full-scale commercialisation. 

“Colin’s expertise in both physical and digital products, gained from the world’s best at Apple, along with his proven track record in B2B go-to-market strategy and understanding of the venture capital market, makes his elevated role a significant and exciting milestone for the company.”

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