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Hanging your own elegant wallpaper in the bedroom or a fun design in the kids’ rooms can be a great DIY experience. Not only does it save you money, but also gives you a wonderful sense of personal pride and satisfaction. Once you get used to applying the glue to the paper (or the wall) and get down to hanging your first few sheets, you can complete this easy task on the weekends or when you have free time during the holidays. 

There are several top-quality wallpaper pastes that you can buy from your local hardware store. These are affordable, include step-by-step instructions and make very little mess! They are not only easy to apply but they offer the same high quality features and mould resistance as the pastes that professional wallpapering companies use. Using high quality pastes, you can apply your wall coverings easily and get a sleek, flawless finish. Some pastes in the Solvite range include:

  •  All purpose, extra strong paste
  •  Ready mixed, high performance paste
  •  Paste the Wall paste

All purpose, extra strong paste

This extra strong paste can be used on up to 10 rolls of washable papers, linings, embossed, textured, vinyl, blown vinyl, and heavy embossed wallpapers. It can also be used for many types of Paste the Wall wall coverings. It can be mixed in as little as 20 seconds and can be used in just under two minutes. It contains a fungicide to protect the glue while it dries.

Ready mixed, high performance paste

This high performance paste is suitable for all areas in your home but works particularly well on heavyweight and textile wallpapers. In areas where there is humidity and higher than normal temperatures such as kitchens, bathrooms, behind radiators and near fireplaces – this is the perfect choice. You simply apply it to your wallpaper with a brush and then hang your wallpaper. It also contains a fungicide to deter the mould that plagues kitchens and bathrooms. It can be used on most wallpaper types. 

Paste the Wall

Paste the Wall wall coverings are a kind of wallpaper that is designed to be applied to a wall that already has an adhesive on it. Solvite Paste the Wall adhesive has been specially designed for paste-the-wall coverings. It is spread directly onto the wall and leaves almost no mess. It’s also easy to control the amount of paste that is applied. There is no soaking time required, making this one of the fastest methods of papering your walls.

How to do it!

Hanging wallpaper may seem daunting at first but it’s really not that complicated! If you’re not exactly sure how to get started with hanging your own wallpaper, take a look at this two minute read that explains a simple step-by-step method for mixing wallpaper paste.

Thinking about selling?

If you’re considering selling your home you can use adhesives to give your home an affordable makeover that has a professional finish. You can use DIY adhesives to re-tile your floors or walls, to redo or retouch the wallpaper, to hang new shelving to create planters in the garden and so much more. If you’re not sure exactly where to begin, take a look at this guide to making your home more appealing to buyers. To ensure your home is in absolute top notch condition make sure to remove any unappealing spills from wooden surfaces like floors or your outdoor deck.

Get DIY wallpaper solutions from your local hardware store

DIY wallpapering does not have to be complicated. Beginner DIY enthusiasts can easily learn to make wallpapering a part of their skill set. Wallpaper pastes from your local hardware store offer solutions for all your DIY projects. You can use them to hang new sheets of wallpaper, to repair or replace damaged panels or do light maintenance work. These products are easy-to-use and make minimal mess. This makes them an ideal option for all your wall makeover projects.