Posted on August 30, 2019 by staff

DigiDentistry rebrands as Immersify Education


The founder of 3D dental learning tool DigiDentistry has rebranded as Immersify Education as it looks to target more sectors.

Award-winning entrepreneur Chloe Barrett, who is one of 10 confirmed speakers at BusinessCloud’s ‘EdTech Explained’event on September 6, said the name-change would make it easier to scale the company.

She told BusinessCloud: “Being called DigiDentistry limited us to the dentistry sector. By rebranding we can scale into other sectors, such as medical, biology and sciences.

“Our technology isn’t limited to a particular sector so we don’t want to restrict ourselves.

“The company is now registered as Immersify Education and we’ve launched our website

Immersify Education combines expert content with 3D visuals, interactivity and personalisation to develop resources that supplement university curriculums and enhance the student experience.

Barrett said they hoped to do a product launch at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

“We’ve been doing a lot of testing and we don’t want to put something into the market that isn’t ready,” she explained.

The young entrepreneur said raising funds and hiring had delayed their progress.

“The funding process in the North West is very slow,” she said. “It’s very frustrating. We’re hiring at the moment for a couple of developers . As a start-up it’s competitive when it comes to hiring but we’re 100 per cent committed.”

Time is running out to register for net week’s BusinessCloud’s ‘EdTech Explained’ event, which will hear from some of the disrupters that are shaking up an industry that has long been ripe for disruption.

Chloe Barrett is one of 10 confirmed speakers. The other nine are Christine Bellamy, head of product at BBC Education;  Michael Brennan, founder and CEO of tootoot, Daniel Hinkley, co-founder of Manchester-based GoXchange Global, Robin Williams, head of digital at Twinkl; Jade Parkinson-Hill, founder, Steam School; Dan Price, co-founder, Supplywell; Andy Kent, founder and CEO, Angel Solutions; Manisha Prabhakar, education manager, Synap; and  Alex Alexandrescu, co-founder of Dicey Tech.

The event is free to attend and takes place at UKFast’s campus in Birley Fields, Manchester, from 9am-11.15am. Spaces are limited.

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