Posted on September 26, 2019 by staff

Depression treatment headset launches in UK


A chatbot ‘therapist’ designed to treat depression has launched in the UK.

Called Flow, it is designed to help users with daily chat conversations by offering self-help techniques, mood tracking, curated videos, meditation and mental exercises.

The firm claims it can help users to learn why sleep, exercise, nutrition and meditation are the main pillars in recovering from the illness.

Available to download free on iOS, it is claimed the app is based on psychological and neuroscience research, and was developed by clinical psychologists and machine learning experts.

“Accessibility and early intervention in depression is crucial,” explained Daniel Mansson, a clinical psychologist and CEO and co-Founder of Flow.

“The ‘always-on’ source of therapy provided by Flow ensures people get the help they need as quickly as possible. Flow can provide anonymity without the fear of being judged by others.

“This is great as some people feel anxious when it comes to talking about their depression to another human.”

The Flow app can be used in conjunction with the firm’s ‘brain stimulation headset’, which the firm said has been through trials published and similar technology has a ‘similar impact to antidepressants but with fewer and less-severe side effects.’

Flow joins a growing number of mental health chatbots, including Woebot and Wysa.

Flow is now in talks with the NHS to have its brain stimulation headset available on prescription.

The company recently announced an investment of £1.2 million by Khosla Ventures to roll out its offering across Europe, introduce the Flow headset to healthcare clinics in the UK, and fund clinical studies.