Posted on July 25, 2017 by staff

Dating site Queek’d closes to make way for ‘new business’


Online dating comparison platform Queek’d has announced it has closed to make way for a ‘new, exciting and transformative business’ later in the year.

The Manchester-based firm was a free service which helped singles find long-term relationships, rather than casual flings.

Established dating sites such as eHarmony,, Elite Singles and Uniform Dating had signed up to join the comparison site.

Elisa Mclean hit upon the idea of using technology to advise people on the most suitable platform for them by asking them seven basic questions.

But now, she believes online dating simply ‘isn’t working’.

She said: I’ll remain within the dating industry but will be offering much more than a comparison service.

“My passion has always been to help people fall in love and although online dating works for some, for the majority of single people out there, it doesn’t work – something isn’t quite right.

“Directing people to dating apps via a comparison website isn’t fulfilling to me anymore, especially when people are going on lots of dates and still not meeting anyone.

“Tech would work if we were purely technical beings, but we’re not.”

She added: “After delving into the problems, a reoccurring root theme that I noticed was insecurity and emotional pain in most people.

“If both elements are subconsciously at the root of dating behaviours, then this will effect all aspects of an individuals dating journey, including the partner they choose, and equally how fulfilling and long-lasting the relationship will be.”

Although there is no date set for a launch of the new business, Mclean hopes it will be up and running by autumn.

Still in the research phase, the new project will most likely have both an online and offline presence ‘offering some kind of ethical empowerment coaching on a mass scale’.

Mclean said: “[I’m] just playing round with ideas at the moment. The solution will become my dating formula that I will share far and wide.

“The end goal is to aid singles in becoming their best happier version and connect soul to soul.

“I believe that the formula should be accessible to everyone who needs help dating and relationship help.”