YFM Equity Partners has invested £2.8 million into data governance software platform Ohalo.

The growth capital investment will seek to propel global growth at Ohalo.

Founded in 2017, it helps organisations to standardise how they store, analyse and share unstructured data. 

Its data intelligence platform is designed to mitigate the likelihood of data theft, leakage, and non-compliance and enables organisations to map, classify, redact and monitor potentially billions of unstructured data files at rapid speed.

Headquartered in London and with a US office in Atlanta, Georgia, Ohalo’s growth to-date has been driven by increasing market demand for data compliance and data security. 

The company now leads unstructured data management for some of the largest and most secure organisations in the world, including global banks and the UK Home Office.

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“YFM’s backing will help us to enter an exciting new period of growth, strengthening our foundations so that we can continue to build a company for the long term,” said Ohalo CEO Kyle DuPont. 

“As innovators in our field, we are always striving to help organisations create order out of unstructured data chaos. With YFM’s support, we can now take our solutions to a wider client base, globally.”

Roshan Puri, YFM investment director, added: “Ohalo is operating in a burgeoning marketplace, which is subject to increasing demand.

“With YFM’s backing there is a significant opportunity for Ohalo to capitalise upon this, having already carved out an excellent reputation for service delivery and tech innovation. 

“We look forward to seeing the company continue to thrive and expand.”

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